Saturday, May 25, 2002

Two superb columns from Jamie Glazov in FrontPage Magazine: Why Islam Can't Join the Modern World and its followup, Will The Real Islam Please Stand Up?

On reading the first column, I was struck once again by how despicable Islam is. I mean that in the true, dictionary definition sense:



Deserving of contempt or scorn; vile.

(American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Ed.)

The list of proscriptions and injunctions that are listed in this piece are simply unbelievable. Islam teaches that the devil spends the night in the cavity of the nose? Puhlease. If Islam really teaches this then it is nothing more than prehistoric superstition, worthy only of "contempt or scorn". All these petty restrictions and rituals are symptomatic of a religion that isn't even mediaeval, but more backward than that. Of course every religion has its little rites and some of them are no less silly than this. But the vast majority of Christians, Jews, and adherents of other faiths don't really cleave to the more esoteric parts of their faith in quite this blind fashion. I'm an atheist, by the way, which would get me killed if the Islamofascists had their way.

When fundamentalist Christians like Henry Morris, Duane Gish or Jonathan Sarfati claim that the universe is 6,000 years old, normal people just roll their eyes and say, "whatever." But if some bearded flake of a Saudi mullah says because the Koran says the world is flat, ergo it is, his maunderings take on the mantle of a fatwa.

I'm with Jamie on this one: I think Islam is simply incompatible with the modern world and we don't have 600 years to wait for it to grow up or fade away. What the solution is I don't know, but I have a feeling it's not going to be pretty.


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