Sunday, June 09, 2002

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs links to this story in the New York Times. It's about the attempted suicide bomber who partially blew himself up and was then carted off to hospital in Israel for surgery after being checked out by a British-made bomb-disposal robot (an Alvis Wheelbarrow, Alvis having recently been acquired by Northrop-Grumman). One of the standard fittings on the British Army version was a shotgun, used to disrupt timers and wiring. The operator of the Wheelbarrow could simply have 'made the bomber safe' by spraying his brains all over the road. Instead this worthless piece of human filth is being looked after in the kind of modern hospital that his ilk could never design in a million years. A few doors down are some of the survivors of the Megiddo car bomb.

I am not saying the EOD operator should have killed the bomber. He might have been a useful source of intelligence. However now he has been fully debriefed, he should be summarily executed. He is an irregular from a hostile power, and thus not covered by the Geneva or any other convention. That he did not kill anyone is blind luck.

It's all very well to say that Israel is taking the moral high ground by behaving like this. So what? It didn't stop the Megiddo car bomb. Rounding up as many Palestinian guerrillas as possible and shooting them en masse might well have done.

When the Germans summarily executed partisans during WW II, they were acting wholly within their rights under the laws of war. Where they exceeded those powers was in executing non-combatant hostages. Likewise, if an infiltrator was caught behind Allied lines, his execution was usually not too far off.

Bullets, in the quantities that militaries purchase them, cost a few cents. Keeping someone in jail costs a fortune, in addition to making them a bargaining chip in any future hostage-taking. But 125 grains of lead and copper in the back of the neck get the problem out of the way for good.

And remember: the best thing about martyrs? They're dead.


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