Sunday, June 09, 2002

Instapundit, Rand Simberg and others have linked to the Voluntary Human Extinction website.

My immediate response on browsing through this site was that I would pay money to avoid these people. They come across as the most sanctimonious, whining bunch of orthopaedic shoe-wearing, lentil-scoffing morons. But then I read some more, and I started to get really angry. Their site is one of the most repellent exampes of fluorescent green fascism dressed up as 'concern for the environment'. And of course if you disagree with them, you must be lacking in intelligence or logic skills.

It would take weeks to go through a point-by-point refutation of this bilge. Fortunately Julian Simon, Bjørn Lomborg and Ronald Bailey, among others, have already done this for us.

The biggest problem with freaks like this is of course that the 'voluntary' element will steadily become less and less important to them as time goes by. Single-issue fanatics of this sort of totalitarian stripe are never content with voluntary action. Sooner or later, when they realise that rational people are never going to go along with their idiocy, persuasion gives way to coercion.

I hesitate to use a Tom Clancy novel as an argument, but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that a radical eco-fascist movement could attempt to cook up a human-specfic plague. If one actually reads the published views of the most extreme 'deep ecology' advocates, one sees an horrific level of human-hatred. These people genuinely believe that the deaths of billions of humans would be a good thing. I have to say as a representative of, no doubt, one of those billions, that the feeling is entirely mutual.

The most salutary effect this website had on me was a desire to get off my butt, start looking for a wife, and get down to the business of punching out babies. I once thought two would be nice, but I come from a large family myself, I live in a country where big famlies are normal (I hardly know any Costa Ricans who are only children), and now I'm leaning towards the idea of four or five.


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