Sunday, June 23, 2002

Joe Katzman at Winds of Change has a revised scenario for an Israeli response to a 'mega-attack' (i.e. one in which hundreds or thousands of people are killed in one go). It's pretty chilling reading. This is what I mean when I talk about Israel being pushed over the edge.

As an aside, there's a scene in the Tom Clancy novel 'The Sum of All Fears' where the U.S. President is discussing with his National Security Advisor his response to a nuclear detonation in Denver that kills about 60,000 people. At first, it appears to be a Russian attack, but as more intelligence comes in, it becomes apparent that it is the work of an Islamic terrorist group in league with some former East German terrorists (I haven't seen the movie yet but I understand that, shamefully, in the film it is neo-Nazis who set off a nuke in Baltimore). When it is finally narrowed down to a fringe associated with a radical Islamic cleric (modeled on Iran's Ali Khamenei), the President asks if the cleric's whereabouts are known. The answer comes back that he is in the city of Qum, in Iran, but that his location is only known to within a mile or so. 'Close enough,' says the Prez, and it falls to Jack Ryan to save the day by persuading him that nuking Qum into radioactive slag to get one man is 'disproportionate' and will be counter-productive in the long run. Good luck trying that now. If al Qaida set off a nuke on US soil, I confidently predict that it will lead to the fairly prompt deaths of about 10-20 million people, with the US populace cheering every mushroom cloud. The pressure on GWB (or whoever is POTUS at the time) to exact a terrible revenge would be well-nigh impossible to resist (assuming he wanted to resist it in the first place.) I've said it before, I'll say it again - the destruction of the Islamist death-cult is the only way the massacre of millions of Muslims can be avoided. If they do not see that, then the reckoning is going to be unlike anything the world has ever seen. I don't want to see Cairo and Damascus and Riyadh and Beirut and Jakarta and Karachi incinerated, but if it's a choice between them and London, then bye-bye.


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