Sunday, June 09, 2002

Pejman Yousefzadeh links to the following full-cavity Fisking in FrontPage Magazine. In it, Marc Levin rips apart the commencement address given by radical lesbian Professor bell hooks [sic] at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. Presumably hooks eschews capital letters as a tool of the patriarchy because, well, the two-dollar word for capital letter is 'majuscule', and that, like, you know, sounds like 'masculine', thus like totally showing the influence of capitalist oppression and the enslavement of womyn on English orthography. In the process she makes herself sound like a bit of ironmongery: "a box of #8 x 2 1/2" wood screws, please - yes, the japanned roundhead ones, and, oh, half a dozen bell hooks. Thanks." What a maroon. It's like a teenager announcing at breakfast that's she's no longer 'Stacey', now she's 'Staci', with an 'i'.

When I was at school, one of my friends, a very bright guy, used to subscribe to 'The Morning Star', which was the in-house publication of the Communist Party of Great Britain (circulation: about 12). I was scandalised at the time - I couldn't understand why he was so blind to the evils of Communism, especially in the privileged surroundings of the very expensive public (i.e. private school) we attended, with all its access to newspapers and educational resources. Of course that was the point. He no more believed in Communism than I do in whack-job stuff like Scientology or Crystal Healing. It was a pose, solely pour epater les bourgeoises (mainly his parents). Given the credence that viewpoints like hooks' receive in the Real World™, a speech like the one she gave is no more significant than a small child saying 'pee, po, belly, bum, drawers' in church, and should be given as much notice. I mean, really, you can't beat any sense into people like hooks with a baseball bat, although that by no means should discourage us from trying.


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