Monday, June 10, 2002

This report in the Daily Telegraph is worrying. Apparently British Muslims are sending up to £5 million a year to Islamonazi terrorist groups in Kashmir and elsewhere. One of them, Jaish-e-Mohammed, is believed responsible for the murder of Daniel Pearl.

Muslims in the West are playing a dangerous game. The choice is really very clear: either integrate fully (which means severing ties with groups that plot the murder of your host citizens), or face the consequences. I saw a ridiculous debate tonight on CNN about the entirely reasonable proposals to fingerprint visitors from seven pro-terrorist nations. There was some pinguid oaf called Hussain Ibish protesting that this was racial profiling. Of course it is. Get over it, lard-bucket. When Brazilians start flying jumbo jets into the Sears Tower, for damn sure we should crack down on them, too. If you don't like being treated like second class citizens, then stop fucking killing us.

Not all Muslims are terrorists. Yeah, whatever. Not interested. To a first approximation, all terrorists are Muslims. If there's a repeat of September 11th (or, God forbid, something worse) then the Arab populations in the US and elsewhere had better watch out. Obviously it would be grossly unfair to victimise the vast majority of Middle Easterners in the West for the actions of a minority. But it'll still happen.

I used to live in Bradford in the North of England. It has a very large, predominantly Muslim immigrant community. Bradford University, where I used to work, was an active recruiting ground for the Islamofascist organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir (until it was banned from campus). Around the time of the 1997 General Election, flyers were going up in bus shelters saying that voting was haram (forbidden). Obviously most of the Muslim population treated this as nonsense (a goodly proportion of local councilllors were Asian.) Fine. But the proportion of the immigrant population that did not treat this as rubbish, indeed sponsored and endorsed it, was significant. This is a recipe for disaster. And not for the host populace. Even in Bradford, the immigrant population was a minority. Any flare-up between the Muslim 'community' and the wider world would redound disproportionately on the immigrants. The situation in the States is similar. It is in the best interests of Muslim populations in the West to not antagonise their hosts. If a backlash were to come, it would be horrible. If Muslim groups like CAIR (or the ACLU for that matter) are perceived as having hindered prevention of another outrage, then God help them. Because for damn sure no-one else will.


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