Sunday, July 14, 2002

Gonna fact check yo ass, beeyotch. Nigel Farndale in the Telegraph pens a classic bit of sloppy, blog-unaware journalism. Now Farndale's alright, really, but for crying out loud, how about this (talking about Exxon calling in favours from GWB):

It takes impressive gall, for instance, to bankroll a presidential election campaign and then call in your favours just days after your man takes office. (Obligingly, George W Bush declined to ratify the Kyoto Protocol to cut greenhouse gas emissions; gave permission for Exxon, among others, to drill in the unspoilt nature reserves of Alaska; and coerced the UN into replacing the independent-minded head of its panel on global warming with a director of an oil company.)

This displays an almost Pilgeresque level of cluelessnes or tendentiousness, you choose. First up: Congress killed Kyoto deader'n mackerel long before W was sworn in. He couldn't have ratified it if his life had depended on it. Second, the notion that Exxon bankrolled the Bush campaign betrays a level of ignorance about the funding of U.S. politics that is wonderful/woeful to behold. Third, two thousand acres of blasted tundra out of millions hardly constitutes the orgy of environmental rapine the more hysterical eco-freaks would lead us to believe extracting oil from the ANWR would involve. Fourthly, Robert Watson was voted out as IPCC chair by 76 to 49. Exactly one of those votes was the US. If anything describes Watson, 'independent minded' is not it. 'Reflexively pro-man made global warming', perhaps. 'Overly politicised laughing stock', maybe. 'Junk science groupie', now that's more like it.

Yeah, I know this is not meant to be a serious thumb-sucker - Farndale's trying to be flippant. But this is the Telegraph, for god's sake, not the Indescribablypisspoor or the Wanker. I count two sentences, four clauses, four crocks of shit. That's a pretty impressive hit rate. Way to go, Nigel.


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