Saturday, July 13, 2002

The man tipped as the next Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Wiliams, has become increasingly vociferous in his opposition to an attack on Iraq. Apparently, according to the good Doctor, we have to wait until Iraq has actually invaded another country before we have the right to attack. The statement is full of the usual warmed-over moral-equivalence, root-causes-of-violence schtick: "It is our considered view that an attack on Iraq would be both immoral and illegal, and that eradicating the dangers posed by malevolent dictators and terrorists can be achieved only by tackling the root causes of the disputes." I have two words to say to him and his fellow peace-weenies: Fuck You. We do not have the luxury of waiting around until Saddam uses his weapons of mass destruction against Israel or the States (or the UK, for that matter). The 'root cause' of the 'dispute' over Iraq is that Saddam is a psychotic monster who threatens both his neighbours and the world at large, and we want him dead. Finito. End of story. The 'root cause' of the 'dispute' about Islamofascist terror is that they want to destroy our civilisation and enslave or kill us, and we are not prepared to countenance that. What exactly does Dr Rowan Williams think would happen to him if he fell into the clutches of the Islamonazis? By all means, turn your cheek if you want. Don't presume to turn mine.

Fortunately, the Church of England has relegated itself to a position of utter irrelevance, mainly through wishy-washy nonsense like this, so I doubt very much whether Blair will change his mind. Blair needs Bush much more than some beardy-weirdy socialist priest.


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