Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I stopped blogging for quite some time. Why? Because I have to balance my work with my play. I have a real job, a difficult one, and I didn't feel that blogging was an activity that I could perform during working hours (I owe my employers more than that). That left my leisure time, and that was a resource I had to hoard. What was more important, promulgating my (often second hand, maybe - probably - misinformed) opinions to the world, or having a beer with my beloved friends in the scant window I had to do so?

I've (I think) managed to reduce my work-related obligations. This gives me more time to be a smart-ass blogger without impinging on the really important things in my life. - friends, family, me.

So I'm not James Lileks. Who could be? To be in possession of such a transcendental talent is a gift that I can only marvel at. I'm a pretty good software engineer, but I have no illusions that I'm anything special. Lileks can make me laugh until I cry hot coffee flavoured tears, and then do some rhetorical judo that turns the tears to salt. If I could write one hundredth as well as this man, I would go grateful to my grave.

So I'm not Glenn Reynolds. The first man I link to every day. The repository of blogdom. I learn more about geopolitics from Instapundit when Glenn is on holiday than from the BBC when he's not.

There's a whole bunch of websites out there who do this stuff so much better than me. So I'm not William Quick. Or Stephen Green. Or Joe Katzman. Or Steven Den Beste. Or Josh Treviño Or Rachel Lucas. Or Charles Johnson. Or Dawn Olsen. Or Moxie. Or Toren Smith. Or Jim Treacher. Or Iain Murray. Or Natalie Solent. Or all the folks at Libertarian Samizdata, whose recent blogger bash I feel sadly cheated at not having been able to attend by the mundane fact of 8,000 km separation and an empty wallet.

OK, I'm not these people (and they're just a subset of my personal blog pantheon anyway). Do I have anything interesting to say in my own personal capacity? I don't know. I have been commenting daily on quite a few websites. The volume of my comments is sufficient to populate a fair-sized blog. Do I come across as a total prick? I hope not. But if I do, that's my fault. Next time I make a comment on a website, it's going in the blog.


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