Monday, August 30, 2004
  Ancient Greece had it right when it came to bureaucrats

I suppose using Blogger is faster than mimeographing your own newsletter and handing it out to hoi polloi. Only fucking barely, mind you. So get your own website, you cry.

Problem: to get a credit card that US companies will accept over the Internet via the bank into which my salary is paid requires a level of bullshit that frankly makes me want to kidnap senior bank executives and play with them with a blowtorch for fourteen or fifteen years. Apparently, before my DEBIT card (ideally, picture the word DEBIT written in three light-year-high neon letters floating through the cosmos) can't be used outside Costa Rica unless I a) have a $1000 minimum balance and b) have been a legal resident for five (count 'em) five years. It's a fucking debit card you stupid shitstains! I CANNOT spend more than is in my bank account. You CANNOT lose money. Problem solved.

Oh, I forgot, you dickless relics of a bygone age: this is not the UK or US, and so your silly shoulder-shrugging denial of a cerebral cortex does not, in general, earn you a sharpened screwdriver in your left eye. But it fucking should.

I swear, the best thing as competition approaches is the liquid sensation these useless morons get in their bowels every time payday is due. They call capitalism 'creative destruction', and one of the most beautiful and creative aspects is its destruction of these twats.

There's a strike of sorts going on here right now. As touchy-feely and liberal this place is, rather than pepper-sprayng the indolent shits and firing them en masse, the government is flippy-flapping harder than Kerry in a Trivial Pursuit match. I love this place most of the time, but Jesus God we need a Maggie.


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